It Comes Down to Personalized Service

It has been said that people spend more time when purchasing a computer than planning for their financial future. The complexity of the subject and not knowing how to begin are common reasons given for lack of finnancial planning. But during this economy, it is essential to know your options. At Kensington, our goal is to help you implement and maintain a plan that will serve as a “financial roadmap.” We want to help you safely accomplish more income with added protection.

As a fee-only financial planning and investment advisory firm, Kensington Financial Group does not accept commissions or any other form of compensation from financial companies. We have always believed that our complete independence from any brokerage firm, investment company, insurance company, bank or mutual fund company is paramount to providing objective advice. Fee-only advice allows us to keep the client first since we are not selling any products or collecting commissions from other parties for our recommendations.

Our Investment Advisory Services include:

It’s been our experience that investors with a disciplined investment strategy attain substantially better investment success than those individuals who rely on their emotions. Our disciplined strategy, coupled with fee-only advisory services, helps you chart your course and then provides you the piece of mind to follow it.