Have you thought about how an Estate Plan can help your loved ones? At Kensington Financial Group, we realize that your goal is to provide financial security for your family; not to create a burden on those you leave behind. We approach the estate planning process the same way we approach every service we offer, with you at the center.

We can assist you in contingency planning for healthcare and burial, guardianship and financial support for minor children, financial support for surviving spouse, as well as the transfer of assets. These difficult planning issues are further compounded by the continually changing landscape of complex tax laws. We will help you determine what
goals you want to achieve, then offer solutions to help meet your objectives. Kensington will guide you through the process, whether it is fundamental estate planning concerns or more comprehensive legacy planning.

Working closely with your CPA puts us in the position of being able to fully consider the tax ramifications of every planning decision. Kensington is experienced in the application and integration of Federal Estate Tax law with Federal Income Tax law. The benefit to you, the client, is the peace of mind that your estate planning was not merely an afterthought, but rather, an integral part of the overall financial planning process designed with your wishes in mind.